Geo Fencing Solutions by Protrac Africa.



Set multiple digital fences ( personal safe zones) that will alert you as soon as a tracker enters or exits a particular area. Add personal schedules to activate and monitor specific areas at specific times.

Geofencing Solutions
GeoFencing allows you to activate favorites as you enter or exit a specified location

Geofencing - ability to get all important notifications about the specific geographic boundaries that you are interested in. Get real time alerts if vehicle, employee or family member suddenly leaves or enters the geo-zone you have marked. Our system works together with GPS (Global positioning system) and get all geofencing notifications to your smartphone, computer or tablet that have the internet connection. Geofencing for personal use, is also available.

A geofence is a virtually defined area designated by business owners or fleet managers, so they can have greater control of their fleet vehicles or assets. Many fleet managers use geofences to validate that their vehicles have entered or departed their defined area. The outside of your set boundaries serve as a notification trigger. Businesses can use this to alert them when their vehicles are used without their permission (side jobs, moonlighting or unauthorized-use).


Improves productivity
Geo-fencing helps increase productivity through monitoring remote workers. It aids fleet managers assign their trucks to a specific area, and they use it to make sure drivers are following the assigned routes.

Reduces costs
Optimized routes can lead to massive savings on both fuel and maintenance costs. As you can keep track of your fleet of vehicles, you are well informed of when, where, and how your vehicles are used.

Ensures safety
Parents can monitor their children and caregivers who have patients to look after can take advantage of the benefits of geo-fencing as well. Geo-fencing gives them the assurance that their loved ones are safe within a perimeter, and they’ll receive an immediate alert if the subject goes beyond it.

Makes a good travel buddy
If you happen to go on a road trip, make sure to install a GPS device on your vehicle. Geo-fencing will help you navigate around unfamiliar roads or terrains.

Theft Alerts
Car theft is common nowadays, even when you happen to park your vehicle in a secured lot. Give yourself peace of mind by setting a geo-fence. This can also be used if you leave your vehicle with a mechanic or anyone outside your family and someone you’re not really close with.



Determine the precise location of a car, vehicle, person or other assets. Collet data from the Global Navigation Satellite System Network and relay it back giving direction, speed and other data.



Control the area your vehicles can operate in and maximise your vehicles’ and your staff productivity by creating a geo-fence: a virtual boundary within which your vehicles can operate.



Our dedicated Solutions helps organizations with equipment and personnel in the field increase employee productivity and equipment efficiency through intelligent solution management.



Increase the safety & security of individuals out on the go. Notify friends and/or family when in distress, all with the push of a button. It's multi-use capabilities allow for it to be used across all different types of applications.

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